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Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All)
Sustainable Energy for All is about driving actions and mobilizing commitments to positively transform the world's energy systems. The Secretary-General's High-Level Group on Sustainable Energy for All has created a Global Action Agenda to guide efforts undertaken in support of achieving the initiative's three objectives. It contains 11 Action Areas and provides a framework for identifying the high impact opportunities that will catalyze change and prompt innovation. Using this framework, countries and stakeholders can create their own pathways towards Sustainable Energy for All.

The initiative is collecting Commitments through its dedicated website, available at
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Building support for Universal Energy Access
Practical Action
Capacity Building, Training, and Planning to Implement Sustainable Low-carbon Growth
University of California, Berkeley
Carbon Neutrality
Chevron's $50 million commitment to improve living standards in the Niger Delta
Clean Energy Finance University
U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Clean Energy for low income Households in Sub Saharan Africa
Toyola Energy Limited
CLP's Climate Vision 2050
CLP Holdings Limited
Commitment Letter of IGEA's Promoting on Wind Power Industry
International Green Economy Association
Construction of a Biomass-to-Energy powerplant
Agritech Faso
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