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To promote the integration of sustainable transport in global policies on sustainable development, the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) started the development of a Results Fr...
Special edition and Progress reports
On the occasion of the one year anniversary of Rio+20, we are pleased to announce the publishing of the first special edition of the SD in Action Newsletter on Voluntary Commitments and Partnerships for Sustainable Development.

With the launch of this first special edition, individual voluntary progress reports will be available for all stakeholders to complete in the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform. These progress reports will complement reporting mechanisms from the various Action Networks, and inform future editions of the annual special report. Individual progress reports will be publicly published in the SD in Action registry. The progress report is available from My Account->Questionnaires/Surveys->2013 Progress report for Voluntary Commitments and Partnerships
Action Networks
Action Networks - action-oriented communities where stakeholders may collaborate and share information on certain sustainable development topics – are meant to catalyze actions among all stakeholders and their networks to implement concrete policies, plans, programmes, projects in support of the objectives of the network. More Action Networks
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Sustainable development in action
The Rio+20 Conference was an action-oriented conference focusing on implementation of sustainable development. Member States, the United Nations system, and Major Groups and other stakeholders are together leading the way forward to the Future We Want.

Rio +20 as well as earlier sustainable development conferences have all emphasized the importance of action-oriented voluntary initiatives to complement government-led action in realizing sustainable development. [Read more]

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