This paper is the latest instalment in the series of discussion papers on integrating climate change in the post-2015 framework. The purpose of this paper is to describe different options for includin...
CAFOD on 9:23 am, 10 Jan, 2014
This paper has been prepared to inform the discussions of a workshop organizsed by CAFOD, WWF UK with the support of CAN-I and Beyond 2015 on the options for including climate change in the post-2015 ...
CAFOD on 8:56 am, 19 Nov, 2013
This discussion paper makes the case for climate change to be effectively maintreamed through the post-2015 agenda. It is scinece based, drawing on the latest peer-reviewed literature and evidence to ...
CAFOD on 10:35 am, 13 Nov, 2013
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