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The issue of aid effectiveness has gained prominence in recent years especially with the signing of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness in 2005. The Paris Declaration is an achievement for the ...
Ibon International on 4:19 am, 13 Feb, 2014
Promoting Equality for Sustainable Development
Remarks at the OWG8
Feb. 7, 2014
By Paul Quintos
IBON International

Good morning to everyone and thank you for inviting us to join this panel an...
Ibon International on 5:04 am, 12 Feb, 2014
The business sector, led by corporations, has an increasingly prominent role in
international development. Although rapidly increasing in recent years, this role has its
origins in the same neolib...
Ibon International on 4:55 am, 12 Feb, 2014
"The prevailing model of economic growth is based on the unlimited pursuit of profit and accumulation of capital. This economic model has led to excessive environmental degradation and stark inequalit...
Ibon International on 4:44 am, 12 Feb, 2014
This paper is IBON International's response to the Consultation on Development-Led Globalization. It is a critique of the dominant neoliberal development paradigm that informs and directs current poli...
Ibon International on 4:28 am, 12 Feb, 2014
THE IBON PRIMER ON FOOD SOVEREIGNTY AND THE FOOD CRISIS reaffirms what people's and peasants' movements and food policy activists all over the world have long insisted: that global hunger has not been...
Ibon International on 3:42 am, 12 Feb, 2014
This paper details IBON International's vision and platform towards achieving food and nutrition security and eliminating hunger and deprivation for post-2015. The dominant
neoliberal policy regi...
Ibon International on 3:08 am, 12 Feb, 2014
Achieving sustainable development entails a global transition—away from prevailing inequitable and ecologically destabilizing patterns of development, to modes of development based on shared prosperit...
Ibon International on 2:20 am, 12 Feb, 2014
Due to rapid globalization over the past decades, decisions about economic, social and environmental standards and baseline agreements have been set at international forums and have increasingly affec...
Ibon International on 2:11 am, 12 Feb, 2014
This paper presents a wide range of policy proposals to tackle inequalities in all domains, which serve as structural barriers in achieving development goals premised on human rights, social justice, ...
Ibon International on 1:58 am, 12 Feb, 2014
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