Future we Need Group
The Future We Need group was set up after Rio+20 to promote education and advocacy on sustainable development issues. We are a Christian faith-based group comprising seven religious congregations, end...
Future we Need Group on 5:43 am, 22 Jan, 2014
We are a faith based Christian group, based in Ireland,dedicated to advancing sustainable development policies and respecting the rights of the natural world to exist thrive and evolve. Our group end...
Future we Need Group on 5:32 am, 23 Dec, 2013

In his report entitled “A life of Dignity for All”, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on countries to adopt a post-2015 agenda that is universal, based on sustainable development and “leaves ...
Future we Need Group on 6:57 am, 6 Dec, 2013
In this position paper, we the 'Future We Need' Group understand Energy as an enabler of development and so, as well as possibly being a SDG itself, energy should be embedded in the other SDGs to mini...
Future we Need Group on 3:49 pm, 5 Dec, 2013
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Name: Marcella O'Connell
E-mail: futureweneed@gmail.com
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