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Considering Disaster Risk Reduction through a water security lens and contemplating what would happen if the global freshwater cycle, which is already compromised, reaches a tipping point and no longe...
Active Remedy Ltd on 5:51 pm, 7 Jan, 2014
The Human Right to Develop in relation to the Human Rights to Freshwater and Sanitation and Food
Active Remedy Ltd on 5:32 pm, 8 Dec, 2013
Protecting and restoring the environments, which the fresh water cycle is dependent upon is central to achieving water security. This is essential in achieving long term SDG's
Active Remedy Ltd on 1:01 pm, 22 Nov, 2013
Freshwater and the potential for ‘A Stand Alone Sustainable Development Goal for Water’ within the Post 2015 Agenda.
Active Remedy Ltd on 9:29 am, 15 Nov, 2013
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