• Submitted by: Czech Republic
  • Topic: Sustainable consumption and production
  • Keywords: Secondary Raw Materials Policy
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Date of completion: 2013-01-01
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Deliverables & Resources
Elaboration and implementation of Secondary Raw Materials Policy of the Czech Republic


Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Description/achievement of initiative

The Czech Republic will implement a strategy to fulfill a continuous goal: the effective extraction and utilization of secondary raw materials for the purpose of saving non-renewable resources (energy and non-energy raw materials).
Materials/products on their life-cycle end are reusable in new production processes to produce the same or a different product, or they are used in energy equipment as fuel. The importance of secondary raw materials consists of decreasing of energy and material use in all manufacturing sectors, of the decreasing of emissions from industrial activities and in decreasing the volume of primary raw materials extraction.

Implementation methodologies

Preparation and implementation of a Secondary Raw Materials Policy.
Creation and implementation of an Action Plan that will set specific goals for execution of the Secondary Raw Materials Policy.
Information and technical assistance for the Action Plan implementation.
Support of activities for the greater use of secondary raw materials.
Initiation of support of the use of secondary raw materials in public procurement.
Education in the area of consumer awareness regarding the significance of easily recyclable products and products made from secondary raw materials.
Support of education and awareness in the area of the extraction, processing and use of secondary raw materials.
Support of research and development in the area of the extraction, processing and use of secondary raw materials.

Deliverable Date
A pilot project of a requalification course for blue-collar workers in the area of the extraction and processing of secondary raw materials. 2012
Support of the transfer of science and research results into the area of the processing and use of secondary raw materials within relevant programs. 2013
The Action Plan for support of the increasing of the Czech Republic's independence in raw material resources by substituting primary resources with secondary raw materials in cases where it is technically possible and economically viable 2013
Update of the Raw Materials Policy of the CR, approval by the Government of the Czech Republic, which includes the Secondary Raw Materials Policy of the CR as a separate part. 2013
Type Details
Financing (in USD) $25,000
Financing (in USD) $15,000
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