• Submitted by: United Nations Global Compact
  • Topic: Information for Decision-Making & Participation
  • Keywords: quality management, local network, sustainability goals, enlarge public engagement
  • Location: France
  • Date of completion: 2014
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Deliverables & Resources
Action network
  • This voluntary initiative came from Global Compact
Increase Pacte Mondial France Membership and Increase Progress and Quality of Engagement


Many MNEs and SMEs willing to share experiences and progresses.

Description/achievement of initiative

The Pacte Mondial France commits to increasing its membership along with progress made by its members and the quality of their engagement with the Local Network and the overall Global Compact.

Implementation methodologies

By establishing local partnerships and expanding memberships. For detailed information. Please kindly refer to the following deliverable.

Deliverable Date
In order to achieve the above objectives, the Pacte Mondial France commits to putting on 2 to 4 each of thematic conferences, regional events, and luncheons with a VIP. We will also create new partnerships with universities and schools in France as an integral part to achieving these targets. 2014
The Pacte Mondial France commits to reducing by a factor of 4 the number of non-communicating companies within its membership. In addition, we will work to improve the content and fields of the Communications on Progress that are received and promote the Advanced COP process in order to increase the number of Advanced COPs that are received. 2014
The Pacte Mondial France commits to expanding its membership to a total of 1000 companies. This increased membership should also increase the proportion of customers in the regions and not only around Paris, but also in the rest of France. We will also work to have more customers involved in other Global Compact initiatives and/or U.N. activities. 2014
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