• Submitted by: Hitachi, Ltd
  • Topic: Climate change
  • Keywords: CO2 footprint, Energy Efficiency
  • Location: Japan
  • Date of completion: 2025
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  • This voluntary initiative came from Global Compact
Long-Term Environmental Vision 2025


Hitachi, Ltd

Description/achievement of initiative

We help reduce CO2 emissions by 100 million tonnes per year by 2025 through our products and services.

Implementation methodologies

Hitachi Group has the Environmental Vision which has three pillars: prevention of global warming, conservation of resources, and preservation of ecosystems. we have formulated Environmental Vision 2025, a long-term plan placing priority on preventing global warming, and we are conducting our business activities to achieve this goal. In power sector, by building nuclear or highly efficient thermal power plants, or promoting renewable energy; for industries, we will introduce energy efficient solutions such as inverters, transformers, and data centers; for transportation, commercial, and residential sectors, we will provide batteries for industry and cars, and energy-saving products. To this end, we will boost the environmental efficiency of our products and aim to make them Hitachi Eco-Products defined according to eight design for the environment assessment criteria.

We set the target based on the scenario published by the International Energy Agency. It is the group-wide activities worldwide and we report the details and progress in our website and Sustainability Reports.

the Hitachi Environmental Vision
Hitachi Group Sustainability Report

Deliverable Date
We help reduce CO2 emissions by 100 million tonnes through Hitachi products and services comparing to our products available in 2005. 2025
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