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Nottingham Trent University .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
  • Submitted by: Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI)
  • Topic: Education
  • Keywords: education
  • Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom (The)
  • Date of completion: 2015
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  • This voluntary initiative came from Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
Neil Gorman- Professor
Nottingham Trent University


Nottingham Trent University

Description/achievement of initiative

Sustainability education at NTU is led by our Strategic Plan (2010-2014) and a programme for the development of professionals and practitioners at NTU which both acknowledges the wider context in which higher education operates and recognises the implications for professional practice. Between 2010 and 2015 our curriculum and teaching developments will be led by the NTU Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy (2010-14) which commits us to develop and share knowledge of sustainability education for each discipline, or multi-disciplinary context drawing on previous work with the focus for such work, in the first instance, being schedules and processes for approvals and review.

Implementation methodologies

Working in partnership with local communities and engaging in meaningful and mutually beneficial ways. Through the staff and student volunteering programmes delivered at NTU, volunteers are encouraged to become involved in local environmental and sustainability projects.

Encouraging research on sustainable development issues

Identifying and managing the environmental impacts arising from NTU operations on campus. This includes the commitment to meet or exceed our environmental targets, particularly focusing upon energy conservation, waste management and sustainable transport initiatives. The NTU supply chain will continue to be reviewed and improved through the sustainable procurement practices whilst the physical campuses will further be enhanced and protected for the benefit of ecology.

Deliverable Date
NTU Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy (2010-14) 2015
Strategic Plan (2010-2014) 2015
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff dedicated to sustainable practices
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