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CO2 reduction in steelmaking .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
  • Submitted by: ArcelorMittal
  • Topic: Sustainable consumption and production
  • Keywords: climate change, ecosystem footprint, Energy ; Environment
  • Location: Luxembourg, UK
  • Date of completion: 2020
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  • This voluntary initiative came from Global Compact
CO2 reduction in steelmaking



Description/achievement of initiative

Reduce CO2 emissions by 8% per tonne of steel produced by 2020 based on 2007 baseline.

Implementation methodologies

Our target is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 170kg per tonne of steel by 2020. This is equivalent to an 8% reduction in normalised emissions from the 2007 baseline. This group target was set in 2008 based on analysis of 2007 CO2 emissions data, identifying the potential CO2 savings across the sites.

Reducing our energy footprint is one of our top priorities. Based on our energy policy published in 2008, we have developed internal energy management good practices, compatible with energy management standard ISO 50001, aiming to speed up the detection and implementation of all energy saving opportunities.

We will achieve these savings mainly by improving the process management, implementing energy management systems and using better technologies. We are implementing our good practices at all our major sites and several smaller ones.

Progress Description:
ArcelorMittal's CO2 emissions per tonne of steel have reduced from 2.184 in 2008 to 2.13 in 2012. The rate of reduction has been slower since the financial crisis started in 2008 as steel production has reduced significantly. Lower production of steel typically leads to reduced energy efficiency, and higher CO2/tonne of steel. If steel demand rises sufficiently in 2013 to improve the utilisation of our plants, and especially of these Africa and CIS sites, we expect our CO2 emissions per tonne of steel to drop and to contribute to the long-term trend of reduced emissions. In addition, ArcelorMittal continues to make investments in CO2/energy saving equipment which will continue to support our 2020 target.
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Deliverable Date
8% reduction of CO2 emissision per tonne of steel produced. 2020
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