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CSD-18 Consultation Meeting - Civil Society Campaign .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
CSD-18 Consultation Meeting - Civil Society Campaign
8 May 2010
New York, USA

Call Out

All civil society groups are invited to present (in 3 minutes) a successful project on SCP that they are leading and that they would like to see highlighted, scaled up or expended


Changing global consumer attitudes and behaviors towards sustainable ways of consuming and producing is key to creating a safer, more equitable and environmentally secure world. How to deliver sustainable consumption habits is a challenge to all of us, including civil society, businesses, and governments.

This Civil Society meeting on May 8 2010, will help further our understanding of how to influence consumer and producer behavior by bringing together representatives from civil society from all major groups working at the frontline of sustainable consumption with Marrakech Process actors involved in sustainable lifestyles and consumption projects, consumer change specialists and businesses who have partnered successfully with governmental and non-state-actors to promote sustainable consumption and production.

The conference will build on the learning from civil society’s “on-the-ground” work and the experience of the Marrakech Task Forces and their impact in terms of advancing sustainable lifestyles and consumption, as well as on the linkages with the JPoI and the momentum driven by UNFCCC COP15. The outcomes of the conference will drive further progress in the run up to marking the twentieth anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit in 2012.

Bringing Civil Society Together to Move Forward

The consultation would benefit from the participation of major groups to CSD as well as encourage many other global NGOs and civil society representatives that do not ordinarily attend the CSD to participate. Helio Mattar from Akatu has already been confirmed, for instance.

This conference would allow global civil society leaders, including actors involved in the Marrakech Process task forces to showcase the very latest ideas and initiatives on how to influence consumer and producer behaviors, including by using social media, provide an opportunity for peer to peer learning, as well as provide a platform for the creation of partnerships to affect the changes in consumption and in achieving the MDGs from the bottom up.


More details available in the information note
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