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Major Groups may contribute to various processes through this website, by signing in to their account.

Currently there are two workspaces available to contribute to for Major Groups: Sustainable Development Goals and the High-level political forum.

This critical analysis by the Women’s Major Group members2 on the High-­‐level Panel (HLP) of Eminent Persons report, released on May 30th with recommendations for the Post 2015 Development Agen...
Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) on 12:17 pm, 17 Jun, 2013
The Rio+20 outcome document proposes the elaboration of a set of Sustainable Development Goals that will contribute to sustainably managing the world’s increasing resource use within the context of dw...
The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature fully supports the positions taken by the Earth Law Center for inclusion in the Major Groups¡¦ input on the development of the SDGs:
„h Support for Earth-...
Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature on 12:00 am, 14 Mar, 2013
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