Global Consultation on Sustainable Transport in the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Bali, 25 April 2013

One of a series of consultation meetings being held in 2013, the Global Consultation on Sustainable Transport was organized around the Regional EST Forum in Asia to engage ministries of environment, health, and transport in considering how sustainable transport can contribute to sustainable development and be best integrated in the post 2015 goal framework associated targets and indicators.

Participants in the 25 April Global Consultation Meeting on Sustainable Transport in the Post-2015 Development Framework:
Underscored the need for transport to be well represented in the post 2015 goal framework for sustainable development to maintain and build on the Rio+20 momentum on Sustainable Transport
Agreed on having either a separate SDG on sustainable transport, or a combined one with Energy and Water Universal Access to Safe, Clean and Affordable Energy, Transport and Water for All
Supported dedicated focus on sustainable transport through three global targets on: Access, Road Safety and Emissions, which are to be translated into the specific context of individual countries
Called for development of more detailed indicators to operationalize the three targets
Emphasized the need to develop appropriate enabling Means of Implementation
Encouraged a better linkage and integration with other processes at global and regional level
Acknowledged the important role that regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forums can play in promoting and implementing the integration of EST in the post-2015 goal framework on sustainable development.

Please see below for documents from the Global Consultation;
Background Paper on Post-2015 Development Framework and Transport: a unique opportunity for transformational change (
Sustainable Transport What Role in the Global Sustainable Development Agenda?-presented by Michael Replogle, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (

Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLOCAT) on 11:41 pm, 2 May, 2013
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