Integration of Human and Environmental Goals - from three pillars to nested concept
Please see attached piece in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature. It appropriately makes the case for integrating the current, three-pillar UN sustainable development governance structure into a nested arrangement, with the economy serving society, which itself lies within the Earth's systems. The piece correctly notes that we cannot reach critical social goals such as alleviating poverty without at the same time addressing environmental well-being. The nesting of economy under society, with both nested within care for the Earth's systems that support us all, is the structural approach we should take moving forward.

Linda Sheehan
Earth Law Center, California, USA
Policy: Sustainable development goals for people and planet : Nature : Nature Publishing Group

Planetary stability must be integrated with United Nations targets to fight poverty and secure human well-being, argue David Griggs and colleagues.
Earth Law Center on 12:00 am, 23 Mar, 2013
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