Women Major Group reflections on the High Level Panel Report Post 2015
This critical analysis by the Women’s Major Group members2 on the High-­‐level Panel (HLP) of Eminent Persons report, released on May 30th with recommendations for the Post 2015 Development Agenda3 , notes the report as a starting point for discussion, but not good enough. The Women’s Major Group is concerned about the narrow set of goals and the predominance given to the corporate/business sector in the “new” development agenda. We look to the world's governments to be far more ambitious and focused on addressing the root causes of inequality, injustice and poverty inherent to the existing economic paradigm, as they negotiate the next sustainable development framework in the Open Working Group on SDGs and the Post 2015 Development Agenda.

• Goals setting; too reductive to allow for sustainable development
• A new 15-­‐year time-­‐frame; delaying essential human rights even further!
• Contradictions; between goals and business-­‐as-­‐usual economic model
• Human rights -­‐ inconsistent application
• Critical analysis of selected specific Goals and Targets and Means of Implementation
o GOAL 1 End Poverty: too narrow in scope, too one-­‐dimensional
o GOAL 2: Empower Girls and Women and achieve Gender Equality: some positive targets,
but lacks women’s rights as underpinning the entire development agenda
o GOAL 3: Provide quality education and life-­‐long learning: lacks girls’ priorities
o GOAL 4: Ensure Healthy Lives: some positive targets, but fails to address social and
environmental determinants of health
o GOAL 5 Ensure Food Security and Good Nutrition: should recognize women’s role in food
o GOAL 7: Secure Sustainable Energy: utterly insufficient and likely to have negative impact
on female poverty
o GOAL 8: Create Jobs, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Equitable Growth: Fails to call for
global social protection floor and the right to decent work
GOAL 9: Manage Natural Resource Assets Sustainability: too limiting in defining nature as an asset
o GOAL 12: Global Enabling environment and Catalyse Long-­‐Term Finance: entirely insufficient on finance, trade and climate protection
 Nothing ‘New’ about proposed Global Governance and Global Partnership for Development
 No accountability of corporations
 Financing for Gender Equality should be a priority – it is not in the HLP report
• Concluding: This report should not be taken as a basis for development of the Post 2015 agenda
Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) on 12:17 pm, 17 Jun, 2013
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