Women's Major Group paper 'Energy' - contribution to 5th Session OWG on SDGs
Needed are goals which lead to energy policies and strategies that:
• are based on the principle of energy sovereignty;
• rely on decentralised and democratically controlled energy generation and use;
• result in more equitable access to energy which means meeting everybody’s fundamental energy needs while reducing excessive energy consumption at the same time;
• protect the climate, ecosystems, and communities', including women's livelihoods and rights.
Fossil fuels, nuclear, industrial wood-based bioenergy and biofuels as well as large hydro dams must not be subsidised, whether directly or indirectly. Decentralized, democratically controlled and genuinely renewable energy generation can greatly benefit women by increasing access to energy for those whose fundamental energy needs are not currently being met, by eliminating harmful types of energy generation, and by creating income generating opportunities for women, especially in developing countries.
Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) on 7:01 am, 24 Nov, 2013
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