Submission on Energy for OWG5 from the Future we Need Group
In this position paper, we the 'Future We Need' Group understand Energy as an enabler of development and so, as well as possibly being a SDG itself, energy should be embedded in the other SDGs to minimise the silo approach. Energy production and distribution needs to be pursued in a way that promotes community cohesion leading to a more just and lasting peace and prosperity for all. In light of the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, a future energy strategy must pursue the necessary steps to make a permanent shift from a fossil-fuel energy dependency to low carbon energy sources, technology, and production. Energy targets need to be set from the outset since the energy sector is characterised by long investment cycles. This will ensure effective use of time and keep momentum high.
Future we Need Group on 3:49 pm, 5 Dec, 2013
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