GEO5 For Local Government - solving global problems locally
This GEO-5 companion report for local authorities, prepared by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability in collaboration with UNEP, highlights that the world is rich in local policies, initiatives and projects. These are rapidly evolving and becoming ever more sophisticated and integrated.

Local initiatives offer possible pathways for tackling environmental challenges and reaching international targets. This joint ICLEI and UNEP report underlines that many of these initiatives have been envisioned and enacted by local authorities in the world’s cities and towns, where today over half the global population resides. Their actions represent a body of accomplishments that can illuminate the path to “the future we want”.

The study includes local action stories from 25 local governments under 9 focus areas of GEO-5.

I. Environmental governance
1. GHG Emissions Reductions via EcoCity Building Pan (Rizhao, China)
II. Climate Change
2. Adaptation integrated to urban planning (Ethekwini. S. Africa)
3. Pilot project in voluntary carbon market (Sofala Province, Mozambique)
4. Urban Cap and Trade Programme (Tokyo, Japan)
5. Adaptation Action Plan of Climate Change Task Force (New York, USA)
6. Programme on Climate Change and the State Law on Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change Effects (Veracruz State, Mexico)
7. Carbon-neutral city development plan (Masdar, United Arab Emirates)
8. Carbon Taxes (Quebec and British Columbia, Canada)
III. Energy
9. Green policy to reduce consumption in new buildings (San Jose, USA)
10. Low Emission Zone (Stockholm, Sweden)
IV. Air Quality
11. Low Emission Zone (Stockholm, Sweden)
12. Urban Planning and Transport (Bogota, Colombia)
13. Urban Planning and Transport (Curitiba, Brazil)
V. Land
14. A public-private partnership with the Bangka Botanical Garden (Pangkalpinang, Indonesia)
15. Urban Planning and Transport (Curitiba, Brazil)
16. Infill, retrofits and brownfield development to prevent urban sprawl and land degradation (Portland, United States)
17. Integrated agricultural management (Al Karak, Jordan)
VI. Freshwater
18. Protecting reservoir area (Windhoek, Namibia)
19. Smart metering to reduce water consumption (Stirling, Australia)
20. River rehabilitation (Iloilo, Philippinnes)
21. Reusing wastewater in irrigation to prevent groundwater consumption (Lima, Peru)
22. Integrated coastal zone management (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
23. Wastewater for agriculture irrigation (Tel Aviv, Israel)
VII. Oceans and Seas
24. Applying integrated coastal zone management (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
VIII. Biodiversity
25. Advanced tools to ensure biodiversity as a part of sustainable urban development (Cape Town, S. Africa)
26. Including biodiversity in urban planning (Trang, Thailand)
27. Establishing a favorable framework for biodiversity (Bonn, Germany)
IX. Chemicals and waste
28. Environmental criteria in procurement of cleaning materials (Reykjavik, Iceland)
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability on 1:10 am, 18 Dec, 2013
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