IBON International - Submission to Online Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security towards a post-2015 Development Agenda
This paper details IBON International's vision and platform towards achieving food and nutrition security and eliminating hunger and deprivation for post-2015. The dominant
neoliberal policy regime reduces development to growth in production and
consumption of material goods, and grants rights and liberties to capital over the rights and freedoms of people and the protection of the environment. This has led
to greater hunger, inequality, landlessness, unemployment, precarious employment
conditions, indebtedness, loss of incomes and social protections, deprivation of
basic services, dispossession of communities, forced migration, resource depletion,
environmental degradation, and the climate crisis.

True food and nutrition security can thus only be achieved through the total overhal of the current neoliberal development pathway.
Ibon International on 3:08 am, 12 Feb, 2014
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