1 million talents Project for youth in Africa and better jobs for young people.
Unemployment is not problem of one country or another but is global issues.
Instead there are a range of biological, cultural, economic, social and psychological influencing factor most unemployment however can be prevented.
To promote awareness on the environment and sustainable development in African and enhance the building of local capacity required to drive the nationís transition to a more sustainable development.
African Youth Organization on 10:56 pm, 5 Oct, 2013
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Prince Bright Akinola - African Youth Organization
11:31 pm, 5 Oct, 2013
ILO''s work is really commendable. I hope ILO should have some more task for NGO and Civil Society to achieve the successful MDG. The member country of UN can suggest the ways and means to enhance the NGO-ILO relationship. We are expecting more and more works for better development.
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