Documents by Topic: Water and sanitation
Resolutions and decisions Outcome Documents
  • Outcome Document - Introduction to the Proposal of the Open Working Group for Sustainable Development Goals
  • Final Report
  • Regional Implementation Meeting on Water, Sanitation and Human Settlements
Secretary-General Reports Technical Support Team (TST) Issues Briefs
  • TST Issues Brief: Water and Sanitation
Meeting reports Logistics
  • Agenda Recife - Day 2
  • Agenda Recife - Day 1
  • List of Participants (Recife)
  • Logistical Information
  • Technical Information Note
  • Agenda Recife - Day 3
  • Working Groups
  • Participants Information
  • List of Participants
  • Agenda
  • Agenda for Bangkok Workshop
  • Participating Institutions
  • List of Participants for Bangkok Workshop
Background papers/Special studies
  • Background Paper 13 - Industry and freshwater
  • Background Paper 14 - A practical approach to the problem of water
  • Background Paper 15 Industry and freshwater: technology and water resources management - next steps
  • Background Paper 16 Role of governments in regulating industrial water activities
Other documents
  • Press release: New Initiative to Aid Local Governments in Managing Growing Waste Problem
  • Press release: United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development to Determine Options for Managing Waste, Impacts of Growing Global Consumer Culture
  • Nairobi Statement
  • Africas Water & Sanitation Strides- by the Prince of Orange, Chair of the UN Secretary Generals Advisory Board on Water & Sanitation
    [Arabic] [Chinese] [English] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]
  • Kingston Recommendations
  • Caribbean Workshop
  • Recife Statement
  • Reference Documents
  • Background
  • Colin Mayfield, UNU, Capacity Development
  • Maarten Blokland, UNESCO-IHE, Capacity Building Experiences in the Water for African Cities Programme
  • Dennis D. Mwanza, Water and Sanitation Programme, Benchmarking of Utilities for Performance Improvement
  • Benchmarking of Utilities for Performance Improvement
  • Recommendations WG 1
  • Recommendations WG 2
  • Neil Macleod, Managing a Water Utility - South African Experience
  • Samir Bensaid: Partage des expériences dans les domaines de l’eau & de l’assainissement à travers le Partenariat Public-Public
  • Recommendations WG 3
  • Background for Bangkok Workshop
  • Information Note for Participants on the logistical arrangements of the meeting
  • Summary Report for Bangkok Workshop
  • Questionnaire for Participating Water Utilities
  • ACC/2001/18 - Report of the ACC Subcommittee on Water Resources on its 22nd session
    [Arabic] [Chinese] [English] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]
  • ACC/2000/18 - Report of the ACC Subcommittee on Water Resources on its 21st session
    [Arabic] [Chinese] [English] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]
  • ACC/1999/18 - Report of the ACC Subcommittee on Water Resources on its 20th session
    [Arabic] [Chinese] [English] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]
  • ACC/1998/18 - Report of the ACC Subcommittee on Water Resources on its 19th session
    [Arabic] [Chinese] [English] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]
Additional Resources
  • National Stakeholder Consultations on water in support of the post-2015 agenda
  • The Post 2015 Water Thematic Consultation
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