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16 Nov 2017 -

The unfortunate reality is that there are some climate change impacts that cannot be adapted to, impacts that are so severe that they leave in their wake permanent or significantly damaging effects. Loss and damage of this kind can arise from extreme weather events, such as the loss of lives and property in a cyclone, as well as from slow onset events, like the extinction of species that result from ecosystem shifts, the loss of arable land to desertification, demise of coral reefs due to bleaching and ocean acidification or submergence and the complete disappearance of low-lying island nations. The inclusion of Loss and Damage into the Paris Agreement as an independent concept represent an ambitious compromise and goes a long way to resolving decades of long drawn out debates and differences.

This Side Event is intended to be a demonstration of the Co-Organizer’s commitment, focus and continued political emphasis on the issue of Loss and Damage. It highlights the need for and serves to encourage all stakeholders, in the spirit of the Paris Agreement, to address the issue of Loss and Damage in a more focussed and coherent manner. Additionally, the Event is also intended to underscore the potential adverse impacts of Loss and Damage on the implementation and achievement of the Agenda 2030 including its relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By holding this Event, the co- organisers aim to strengthen dialogue, encourage coordination and renew global focus and attention on the need for coherent, enhanced action and support, including finance, technology and capacity building to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change. Moreover, the co-organisers hope that this Event will provide additional space and opportunity, for all concerned stakeholders to discuss constructive approaches, exchange views and build common understanding, in accordance with the Paris Agreement, on how to support and advance the work on loss and damage at the UNFCCC and at various other multilateral fora, including the potential impacts it poses on the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

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