Join the e-consultation on the Global Action Programme on Food Security and Nutrition in Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS)
  • By FAO on 28 Feb 2018
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28 Feb 2018 - The SIDS Unit, Division for Sustainable Development, UN-DESA, is pleased to share for your comments and revision on the request of the FAO Sub regional Office for the Pacific Islands, Apia, Samoa, the DRAFT ‘Regional Framework for Accelerating Action on Food Security and Nutrition in Pacific SIDS’ (The Pacific Framework).

Click the following link to submit your feedback by March 14, 2018:

The Pacific Framework, is the proposed Pacific level implementation of the Global Action Programme on Food Security and Nutrition (GAP) for the SIDS.

Ensuring improved food security and nutrition was identified as one of the most relevant challenges to be addressed. Paragraph 61 of the SAMOA Pathway outcome document invited the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to facilitate a biennial forum in order to develop an action programme to address food and nutrition challenges in SIDS. These challenges were reiterated during the second International Conference on Nutrition in 2014 which highlighted the complex burdens faced by SIDS with regard to malnutrition, undernourishment, micronutrient deficiency and obesity each of which can be apparent within the same communities and households.

In this context a Global Action Programme on Food Security and Nutrition (GAP) for the SIDS was developed through consultations and officially launched on the side lines of the 40th Session of the FAO Conference, in July 2017, in Rome.

The GAP focuses on three mutually reinforcing objectives:

  • Enabling environments for food security and nutrition;
  • Establishing sustainable, resilient food systems that support healthy diets and nutrition; and
  • Empowering people and communities to achieve improved food security and nutrition, with a focus on vulnerable groups.

It emphasizes the need for a more integrated, multi-stakeholder approach to address the unique food security and nutrition challenges faced by SIDS and thereby accelerate action on food security and nutrition. The GAP supports SIDS efforts towards attaining the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, bringing the SAMOA pathway and the SDGs together.

Consultations during the development of the GAP strongly emphasised that effective GAP implementation must be a joint effort and action oriented. Furthermore, it required strong leadership of SIDS Member States with support of the UN agencies and development partners at regional, national and community levels.

Based on the approved programmes of countries with agencies working under the three overarching objectives of the SIDS GAP, the Pacific Framework proposes four priorities for accelerating action in the Pacific: Evidence base for effective multi-sectoral policy action; Multi-sectoral coordination of national responses; Improved sustainability, resilience and nutrition-sensitivity of Pacific SIDS food system; and Scaling up of actions to improve food security and nutrition among key target groups. Furthermore the Pacific Framework under the four priorities proposes specific actions tailored specifically to the specific and unique characteristics of Pacific countries.

Action oriented implementation through partnership and collaboration by likeminded partners is central to the implementation of the Pacific Framework.

The attached is a first DRAFT of the Pacific Framework for your comments and revisions as Pacific SIDS. This request is part of a series of discussion forums seeking countries inputs into the design of this important Framework.

Please send through your inputs by the 14 March 2018.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance & participation. We and our colleagues from FAO (Pacific) are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this important draft framework.

Download the draft GAP here.

For additional information or assistance, please contact:
Fiasili Vae’au-Lam (Ms.)
FAO Sub regional Office for the Pacific Islands

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