Blog: Ancestral wisdom and COVID-19
  • By UNDESA on 28 Apr 2020
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28 Apr 2020 -

By Dr. Myrna Kay Cunningham Kain, President of the Fund for Development of Indigenous Peoples of Latin American and the Caribbean (FILAC), and member of the 10 Member Group for the Technology Facilitation Mechanism

This article contains an innovative proposal for the health of Mother Earth and Biocultural Ecosystems, one which is based on ancestral community wisdom and constant dialogue with Indigenous Peoples in order to have public health policies for indigenous communities during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

For our peoples, health, life and Good Living are a complex interdependent whole that is part of interconnected relational networks, of human communities, social relations and relations with Mother Earth.

Indigenous Peoples have kept an institutional framework and a social fabric that is highly specific to them, in addition to possessing traditional knowledge known as Traditional Ancestral Medicine, which was developed within the framework of their respective cosmovision. Their health systems are an intrinsic part of the Good Living paradigm and are oriented to the care of diverse ecosystems that coexist in balance, in relation to the community territorial context and the coexistence that involves both the relations with the community and with nature. Therefore, this proposal raises the need for Intercultural and Inter-scientific Dialogue, in order to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

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