Oceans Day at COP 21
4 Dec 2015
Rio Conventions Pavilion, Climate Generations Area, Paris, France
The Oceans Day is organized by the Global Ocean Forum, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission/UNESCO, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Ocean Policy Research Institute/Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan, the University of Delaware, and the Ocean and Climate Platform, together with 38 other partners, including the Governments of Grenada, Indonesia, Portugal, Seychelles, South Africa, and Sweden.

A high-level event, the Oceans Day aims to advance the oceans and climate change agenda at the UNFCCC COP 21 and beyond. The major objectives are to:
--Highlight the major climate and oceans issues, with emphasis on the impacts on the most vulnerable peoples and ecosystems, and suggest next steps, both within and outside the UNFCCC framework;
--Foster political leadership and move forward on the major climate and ocean solutions with the engagement of high-level leaders around the world;
--Catalyze and share solutions as part of the global portfolio of actions; and
--Consider and move forward on a five-year strategic plan on oceans and climate to guide policy and action.

The Oceans Day at COP 21 builds on previous UNFCCC Oceans Days (2009, 2010, 2011) and features interventions from leaders in the UNFCCC negotiations, high-level political figures from governments, international organizations, academia and scientific institutions, industry, and civil society.
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