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Enhancing food security, health and well-being in Small Island Developing States
14 Oct 2015 - A two day Ministerial Meeting on Food Security and Climate Adaptation in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) opened today in Milan. Organized by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, FAO and the Italian Government, the meeting is attended by representatives of 26 SIDS including 14 Ministers, 14 Ambassadors and other governmental and non-governmental experts.

The Meeting will explore the implications of the S.A.M.O.A. Pathway, the action plan for the sustainable development of SIDS adopted in September 2014 in Samoa, as it relates to food security and nutrition and climate change adaptation, also in connection with the recently adopted Sustainable Developement Goals. The ultimate objective of the Meeting is to enhance food security, health and wellbeing in SIDS.

Minsters and Ambassadors are envisioned to share experiences and present initial plans for national and regional level implementation, and articulate areas where further support and capacity development is needed.

Perspectives from leading experts in the field of food security and from representatives of UN entities, other relevant regional and global entities, the private sector and partner governments are also featured in the programme, with a focus on the following six areas:

  1. Resilience of agriculture and fisheries to climate change and disasters
  2. SIDS Vision for a Food Sustainable agriculture and fisheries
  3. Improving rural livelihoods of smallholders and family farmers, especially for women
  4. Nutrition, health and non-communicable diseases
  5. Trade and access to food
  6. Partnerships to advance food security

The outcome of the meetings will be published and distributed to a range of policymakers and other stakeholders. It is anticipate that the Meetings would also be a breeding ground for concrete partnerships to advance SIDS food security and resilience. The outcomes will also contribute to the “action programme to address food and nutrition challenges” of SIDS, called for in paragraph 61 of the SAMOA Pathway.

SIDS Ministers, Permanent Representatives to the United Nations and other participants will also participate in the celebrations of World Food Day on 16 October.