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CSD-18 Intersessional Meeting:
International Consultative Meeting
on Expanding Waste Management Services in Developing Countries

Tokyo, Japan, 18-19 March 2010

Meeting Objectives

The 2010 International Consultative Meeting will have the following objectives:

  1. Facilitate an in-depth review of barriers and constraints in the proper waste management and promotion of 3R;
  2. Strengthening the capacities of waste management utilities in developing countries in addressing waste management challenges (through sharing of lessons learned and experiences gained; having a better understanding of institutional and policy frameworks requirements; identifying gaps in policies and practices, etc.);
  3. Identifying opportunities for building partnerships for expanding waste management services; addressing economic benefits of integrated waste management and 3Rs.
  4. Developing communities of practice for scaling up of best practices (over the years, a number of good practices in sustainable waste management have emerged. Actions leading to scaling up of these practices are required. These actions could range from policy reforms to infrastructure development to raising public awareness); and

Expected Outputs/Outcomes

Overall, the International Consultative Meeting will have the following broad outputs/outcomes:

  • Enhanced awareness about options (policy and institutions, technology, and finance mechanism) available to address waste management challenges;
  • Framework for building partnerships to enhance technical and financial cooperation and developing communities of practice.

Other specific outcomes include:

  • Identification of waste management policy options and concrete measures for municipalities and local authorities in developing countries;
  • Comprehensive assessment of trends in waste management (policy, institutional, technological, and financial capacities for integrated waste management);
  • Emerging problems in e-waste management;
  • Documented case studies on local, national, and private sector experiences and good practices/innovative approaches in waste management;
  • Provision of background information and other input to the Chair’s summary of CSD-18, Secretary-General’s report for the follow-up session (Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting (IPM) of CSD-19) and to other related processes inside and outside the UN system scheduled for 2010.

Background and Rationale

For more information including background and rationale see Aide-Mémoire