Chapter 8: Conclusions and way forward
This chapter will present key messages from preceding chapters of this year's GSDR. It will also present suggestions on how the GSDR could support the work of the HLPF on the science-policy interface in the future. It will propose options for deliverables that yearly editions of the GSDR could provide for the benefit of Member States, within the context of a multi-year publication cycle. The themes that these deliverables would span, based on the 2014 and 2015 editions of the GSDR, include: strengthening the science-policy interface in the context of the HLPF and international decision making; integrated analysis of pathways to the sustainable development goals and the potential contributions of global modelling communities; nexuses of interlinked goals and cross-cutting issues in the context of the SDGs; countries in special situations; confronting scientific and policy perspectives on emerging issues in sustainable development; and measuring progress.
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