Finance for sustainable development is the subject of Chapter 33 of Agenda 21 and Chapter X of the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.

Decisions on Finance

Decisions on finance for sustainable development were taken by the Commission at its second, third, fourth, sixth, and eighth sessions, and by the General Assembly at its nineteenth Special Session [Earth Summit + 5] in its Resolution S/19-2 on the Programme for the Future Implementation of Agenda 21. All decisions of the CSD after the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 had a section on finance in connection with the themes considered in those sessions (excluding CSD’s 11th session, which defined the programme of work of the Commission).

At the latest UN Conference on Sustainable Development (20 - 22 June 2012), Member States recognized “the need for significant mobilization of resources from a variety of sources and the effective use of financing, in order to give strong support to developing countries in their efforts to promote sustainable development, including through actions undertaken in accordance with the outcome of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and for achieving sustainable development goals”.

They also agreed to establish “an intergovernmental process under the auspices of the General Assembly, with technical support from the United Nations system and in open and broad consultation with relevant international and regional financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders. The process will assess financing needs, consider the effectiveness, consistency and synergies of existing instruments and frameworks, and evaluate additional initiatives, with a view to preparing a report proposing options on an effective sustainable development financing strategy to facilitate the mobilization of resources and their effective use in achieving sustainable development objectives”. An intergovernmental committee will implement this process and conclude its work by 2014.
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