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Statement Date Process National
European Union 12 May 2011 CSD-19;
Statement by Mr. Zoltan Illes
State Secretary for the Environment of the Republic of Hungary on behalf of the European Union
UNEP 12 May 2011 CSD-19; United Nations Environment
Statement by United Nations Environment Programme
Afghanistan 12 May 2011 CSD-19; Afghanistan
Estonia 12 May 2011 CSD-19; Estonia
Major Group: Children & Youth 12 May 2011 CSD-19; Children and Youth
Major Group: Indigenous Peoples 12 May 2011 CSD-19; Indigenous Peoples
Major Group: Science & Technology 12 May 2011 CSD-19; Indigenous Peoples
Major Group: Workers & Trade 12 May 2011 CSD-19; Workers and Trade Unions
Gabon 12 May 2011 CSD-19; Gabon
Ghana 12 May 2011 CSD-19; Ghana
India 12 May 2011 CSD-19; India
Senegal 12 May 2011 CSD-19; Senegal
Gabon 11 May 2011 CSD-19; Gabon
Formalizing Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) - Challenges and Ways Forward 2 Mar 2011
by Dr. Gavin Hilson, The University of Reading, UK
Artisanal mining and rural livelihoods in Africa: Change, challenges and policy options 2 Mar 2011
by Mr. Roy Maconachie, University of Bath, UK
Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) 2 Mar 2011
by the Chair of the IGF
International Council on Mining & Metals 2 Mar 2011
Canada (Annex) 2 Mar 2011 Canada
European Union 2 Mar 2011
United States of America (Remarks) 2 Mar 2011 United States of America

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