Focal Point
Ms. Luisa Volpe
World Farmers Organization (WFO)
Via Aurora, 39
000187 Roma
Tel: +39 06 4274 1158

Mr. Gabor Figeczky
IFOAM - Organics International

Mr. Drew Black
Canadian Federation of Agriculture
The Farmers Major Group was created to provide an inclusive space for all farmers and peasants from around the world to coordinate positions, statements and overall participation and engagement in UN processes related to sustainable development. The Organizing Partners of the Farmers Major Group are La Via Campesina and the World Farmersí Organisation, who are jointly accountable for carrying out all responsibilities and duties. The Farmers Major Group, which also includes IFOAM, is committed to be a focal point for requests to attend official events and to ensure the presence (resources permitting) of our constituents at these events.

The Farmers Major Group seeks to prioritize participation of peasants, farmers, pastoralists and fishermen that are from the Global South and Least Developed Countries. This particularly includes women, the youth and those who have been historically subjected to racial, ethnic and gender discrimination. It is farmers and peasants who produce the food and agricultural products that the world consumes, and who make significant economic, social and cultural contributions at the local, regional and global levels. As such, the members of the Farmers Major Group must be actively engaged within the UN system to ensure that our voices are heard and respected.