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Workshop 3 and 4 on Development, transfer and dissemination of clean and environmentally sound technologies
Workshop 3:

Capacity building to enhance the development, adoption and use of clean and environmentally sound technologies in developing countries

This Workshop will seek to identity what are the most promising opportunities offered by existing international institutions and programs to facilitate research and development cooperation, as well as more rapid and widespread global transfer and diffusion of environmentally sound technologies. It will offer perspectives on how information, capacity or other gaps can be addressed and how existing international arrangements can be further enhanced to foster technology cooperation and transfer. In this Workshop there will be a particular focus on addressing intellectual property protection issues in relation to clean and environmentally sound technology development and transfer, and enhancing developing countries' capacities in this regard. The Workshop will provide an opportunity to experts from relevant international organisations to present their activities in the area of capacity building.

Workshop 4:

The way forward: Strengthening the international architecture for clean and environmentally sound technology development, transfer and dissemination

Themes to be addressed in the final Workshop include:
a) Enhancing coherence among existing international structures, institutions, mechanisms to support environmentally sound technology development, transfer and dissemination, identifying gaps and options for addressing them;
b) Options for a technology facilitation mechanism;
c) Strengthening developing countries' participation in international research networks;
d) Meeting the specific technology development needs of developing countries; addressing barriers and constraints to technology transfer and diffusion of clean and environmentally sound technologies;
e) Enhancing North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation.