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Workshop on the Trade Dimension of Rio+20: Unpacking the Issues
19 Jan 2012
New York

It is widely anticipated that the 2012 Rio Conference will reaffirm Principle 12 of the 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and Chapter 2 of Agenda 21 to build an efficient and equitable global economy that can help all countries progress towards sustainable development. The degree to which these reaffirmations will be translated into strengthened commitments for action at Rio+20 rests largely on the negotiators? understanding of the relationships between trade and sustainable development.

To build negotiators' awareness and knowledge on the trade dimension of Rio+20, UNCTAD, UNDESA and ECLAC are organizing this workshop to inform New York delegations on the full range of issues at the interface of trade, the green economy and sustainable development. The workshop aims to serve as a primer introducing and reviewing trade and sustainable development issues and illustrating how trade and the green economy can contribute to sustainable development. It also aims to prepare negotiators on possible outcomes that may be considered at Rio+20 and strengthen their contribution to the process leading up to this Conference.