MDG, SDG International Awareness Tour
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  • Submitted by: Ye Ethiopia Wiyen Mahber Be Alem
  • Topic: Sustainable development goals
  • Keywords: Awareness, Learning, training, workshop, initiate, implement, plan, capacity building and education
  • Location: Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa
  • Date of completion: 01 Feb 2015
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In Support of Rio+20 Future We Want
This initiative is in support of paragraph 18 of the Rio+20 outcome document, the Future We Want
Deliverable Date
Fund Tour 2013
Organize and Implement Tour 2013
Tour areas largely concentrated with Afro Peoples and Indigenous Peoples 2014
Release data, statistical findings and evaluating the outcome of action of the effects and affects of the tour 2017
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Other, please specify Fundraising
In-kind contribution Sponsor, Donors and partnerships
Financing (in USD) $2,000,000
Other, please specify Gifts
YEWMBA "Ye Ethiopia WiyenMahber Be Alem" in partnership with Human Affect and the International Afro Sustainable Network of many NGO's.
Partners include: Congolese Sustainability,
Description/achievement of initiative
Overall arching the spectrum of fair, transparent, inclusive, interconnected and indispensable accessing to economic, social, ecological and environmental human, planet mother earth sustainability.
Implementation methodologies
The goal will be successful by touring internationally to assist Afro Peoples how to prepare their experts on how to best implement responsible sustainable solutions that will improve the long term life and living quality of Afro Peoples at home and throughout the Diaspora.
Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer
The arrangement consist of an International touring expert teams that have prepared implementation initiatives that are easily adapted for the need of Afro people at home and abroad.
Coordination mechanisms/governance structure
Governed though an inclusive body of expert that identify the implementation learning needs of the regions, nations and communities.

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