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  • This voluntary initiative came from Partnerships for SD (CSD11/WSSD)
Network for Therapeutic Solidarity in Hospitals (ESTHER - Ensemble pour une Solidarité Thérapeutique Hospitalière en Réseau)


Government of France - Ensemble Solidarité Thérapeutique Hosp. Réseau
Government of France
Government of Italy
Government of Luxembourg
Government of Spain

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Description/achievement of initiative

To improve access to quality treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS in developing countries, by increasing the means of access to care and treatment and a complete health care offer combining social and community aspects over a three-year cycle.

The aim is to identify the health care facilities in developing countries, which, with the help of twinning with a European hospital facility, can reinforce their expertise and equipment. These facilities are becoming the focal points for networks including medical and biological monitoring services, associations and NGOs, representing the civil partnership and other organizations involved in the field.

More specifically, ESTHER should enable:
- Strengthening of health care services (hospital and out-patient facilities) geared towards combating AIDS;
- Establishment of a suitable technical platform with good maintenance;
- Participation by users of the health care system and by associations of those affected;
- Implementation and/or consolidation of networks between partners - NGOs, associations and representatives of the civil partnership - in order to provide psychosocial support in a multidisciplinary and community approach.

This balanced partnership will be built around existing structures, with commitments in the form of decentralized cooperation and active pursuit of ways to prolong these strategies beyond the three years of the partnership.

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