Water Programme for Environmental Sustainability WPA II (Second Phase)
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  • Submitted by: Italy
  • Topic: Water and sanitation
  • Keywords: water and sanitation, climate change, capacity building
  • Location:
  • Date of completion: 2008-12-01
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Action Network
  • This voluntary initiative came from Partnerships for SD (CSD11/WSSD)
Government of Italy - Department of Environmental Research and Development

UN System:
UNESCO- IHP- International Hydrological Progra (France)

Description/achievement of initiative
The objectives of the UNESCO-IMELS project Water Programme for Environmental Sustainability (WPA II- Towards Adaptation Measures to Human and Climate Change Impacts) are to:
- Set up best practices in remediation of climate variability and change impacts on water resources.
- Enhance capacity in managing water resources and protect groundwater resources.
- Develop methodologies that contribute to the management of surface and groundwater dependent ecosystems in coastal zones.
- Develop North-South cooperation taking benefits from the experience gained by Italian experts.
- Set up examples of coordination and management of transboundary aquifers. Facilitate the coordination between selected countries for the sustainable sharing of water resources. Develop case studies that can provide best practices for fostering cooperation in developing conflict resolution measures.
- Provide adequate training. Publication and dissemination of best practices.
- Improve wetlands sustainable management.
- Improve coastal management and training.

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