Education and sustainable development
  • Topic: Green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication
  • Location: Cape Verde
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Action Network
  • This voluntary initiative came from Green economy policies, practices and initiatives

Description/achievement of initiative

Increase and expand the existing long-term sustainability impacts and cater the existing sustainable development in general through education.
Source: Government of Cape Verde
Cape Verde is planning a special education program in both academicals and training. These will permit to train future capverdean Craftsmen and Experts to cover the country needs in the renewable energy sector.

The purpose is, on one hand, to establish a nation-wide training centre to train local qualified labour in operation and maintenance of energy technologies and so create in the mid-term sufficient human resources for an efficient implementation of the energy goals and the increase of local manpower. This initiative will positively impact not only on the development of employment but also on maintenance and operating costs in the energy sector.

On the other hand, for tertiary level education and applied research in Renewable Energy Engineering, Renewable Energy Economics, Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship, a special university education program will be created ranging from Bachelor towards PhD programs.

The program has the following mission, which strives to facilitate and nurture education needs of young professionals with the require skillset to serve their country:

- Develop Cape Verde´s education system in the fields of Renewable Energy Engineering
- Capacity Building and train-the-trainer
- Strengthen institutional capacity of Cape Verde to support, address and cater to the local needs in the economic activates of Renewable Energy and other Zero Emission relevant sectors

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