• Submitted by: Atpades Foundation
  • Topic: Climate change
  • Keywords: community, climate change, global, citizen, volunteer, nicaragua, youth, young, environment, poverty,
  • Location: Leon, Nicaragua
  • Date of completion: 30 Apr 2013
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In Support of Rio+20 Future We Want
This initiative is in support of paragraph 190 of the Rio+20 outcome document, the Future We Want
Deliverables & Resources
Developing skills and capacities to combat Climate Change in rural communities


Raleigh International, Juan Francisco Paz Silva Cooperative, Atpades Foundation

Description/achievement of initiative

1. To increase awareness of disadvantaged groups on social and development issues.
2. To increase access to and participation of disadvantaged groups in community and/or government services and activities.
3. To increase capacity of civil society organisations to involve, represent and/or speak out for disadvantaged groups.

Implementation methodologies

1. Supporting citizen participation and community action
2. Developing organisations and institutions
3. Services and information to the poor
4. Building public support for development

Deliverable Date
Number and percentage of disadvantaged people reporting satisfaction with and access to community and/or government services/activities 2013
Number and percentage of disadvantaged people involved in development focused activities 2013
Number and percentage of disadvantaged people aware on issues and service/activities 2013
Type Details
In-kind contribution VOLUNTEER EFFORT
Other, please specify community participation
Staff / Technical expertise Raleigh Alumni
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