The IFOAM Global Organic Research Network (IGORN)
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  • Submitted by: International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
  • Topic: Food security and nutrition and sustainable agriculture
  • Keywords: ''Food Security'', ''Smallholders'', ''Agriculture'', ''Sustainable'', ''Poverty Eradication'', ''Developing Countries''
  • Location: Bonn, Germany
  • Date of completion: 2014
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Deliverable Date
Dedicated website online by June 12 at ICSU Science Forum in Rio 2012
Launch of network by at Biofach Organic Trade Fair and Congress in Germany 2013
Collaboration agreement with key global stakeholders 2013
At least one major collaboration with a mainstream science program such as CGIAR or other 2014
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
In-kind contribution Establishment on behalf of IFOAM by FiBL
In-kind contribution Development of platform
Staff / Technical expertise Dedicated staff provided by FiBL for at least start up phase
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
The Research Centre of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)
Description/achievement of initiative
IGORN will be a dynamic global network enabling world-class collaboration on organic food and farming science, knowledge, and technology innovation within the global organic movement and with a wide range of science partners throughout the world with a focus on fostering research capacity in developing countries where food security is critical. IGORN will address key priorities that will enhance the sustainability of all agriculture based on the 4 principles of organic agriculture with a strong focus on reducing poverty of small-scale food producers. IGORN will facilitate the ecological and social intensification of agriculture and food and nutrition security for all.
Implementation methodologies
It will build on existing national and regional networks of organic scientists and thematic networks such as food quality research, climate change research

Offering services such as information, publications, extension support and capacity building and innovation services and products

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