• Submitted by: Green and Rural development Nepal
  • Topic: Green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication
  • Keywords: finance officer
  • Location: Bharatpur11,chitwan
  • Date of completion: 02 Jun 2014
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Deliverables & Resources
Sustainable development of Nation in coordination with national/international government and non government organizations and women empowerment
Description/achievement of initiative

Sustainable development and environment protection: Promotion of organic agriculture, environmental protection, conservation of wild lives, natural resources management, awareness about climate changes and its impact in rural people, commercialization of high-value crops, promotion of commercialization of agriculture, support to marginalized group to generate their income level through small and micro enterprises, promotion of environment friendly energy

Implementation methodologies

To act as coordinator, facilitator and lobby to the government on behalf of national/international personnel, organizations, foundations and trust aspiring to work in the social factor.
To implement effective programs as well as conduct efficient Monitoring and Evaluation of the programs
To conduct National/ International NGO meetings, seminars, conference.
To aware different national NGO and private organizations, specialists and the persons about the real social, economic and human problems and request for their greater involvement to resolves the problems.
To identify the basic social, environmental and economic problems at grassroots level.
To facilitate information system between local Nepalese NGOs and International NGOs/donors.
To coordinate Nepalese NGOs, INGOs and donors in their efforts to implement their programs, in priority basis for sustainable development
To encourage national and international social organizations to implement the programs that are crucial to uplift the living standard of local people
To mobilize local people in promoting environment protection, sustainable development, eco-tourism, basic human rights and indigenous culture

Deliverable Date
massage idicator 2013
Type Details
In-kind contribution civil society and media
Staff / Technical expertise public cooomucation officials
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