• Submitted by: Centre For Climate Change and Environmental Studies (C4CCES)
  • Topic: Climate change
  • Keywords: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy
  • Location: Abuja, Nigeria
  • Date of completion: 19 Mar 2014
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In Support of Rio+20 Future We Want
This initiative is in support of paragraph 17 of the Rio+20 outcome document, the Future We Want
Deliverables & Resources


Centre For Climate Change and Environmental Studies(C4CCES)

Description/achievement of initiative

Capacity Building, Education and Public Awareness of climate change among school children, teachers and surrounding communities
To support the achievement of the 7th Goal of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which is to ensure environmental sustainability

Implementation methodologies

 Economic Trees will be planted in twenty (20) schools across Nigeria
 Climate change education and public awareness will be created in the selected twenty schools
 Each student, teachers, headmaster or principal must plant 2 trees in the selected schools
 Formation of Tree nursery in each school for future replanting and donation to the surrounding communities to plant or sell to generate wealth and subsequent replication of the project by community leaders to create jobs among youths.
 Creation of technical committee in each school involving students, teachers and community members to receive training on ensuring proper and healthy growth of the planted trees
 Promotion of ownership of the project to encourage multi- stakeholder’s participation for replication and sustainability of the initiatives.

Deliverable Date
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation 2014
Capacity Building, Education and Public Awareness 2014
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Environmental Sustainability
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