• Submitted by: Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
  • Topic: Forests
  • Keywords: Forest sector in a green economy; sustainable forest management
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Date of completion: 31 Dec 2020
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In Support of Rio+20 Future We Want
This initiative is in support of paragraph 193 of the Rio+20 outcome document, the Future We Want
Deliverables & Resources
Rovaniemi Action Plan for the Forest Sector in a Green Economy


UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry, FAO European Forestry Commission and numerous governmental and non-governmental stakeholders

Description/achievement of initiative

This Action Plan describes how the forest sector in the UNECE region could lead the way towards the emerging green economy at the global level. In particular, the Action Plan: a) Describes how the UNECE regionís forest sector could contribute to the development of a green economy; b) Promotes best practices; c) Promotes policies for the forest sector which are effective, efficient in the use of resources and equitable in their treatment of all actors; and d) communicates the potential of the UNECE regionís forest sector to policymakers, the general public and decision makers in other sectors.

Implementation methodologies

The UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry and the FAO European Forestry Commission invite their member governments to consider how they can contribute to the implementation of the Action Plan. Some countries could choose to develop voluntary national action plans or green economy measures for their forest sector based on the Action Plan. UNECE/FAO could assist those countries in developing such plans or measures by facilitating policy dialogues and capacity building activities.

It is also suggested that UNECE/FAO draws the attention of other possible actors, in particular the private sector to the Action Plan, and invites them, without any obligation, to make use of the Action Plan, especially by implementing actions for which they have been identified as a possible actor.

UNECE/FAO will also prioritize and incorporate relevant actions in their area of competence and identified by the Action Plan into their own annual lists of activities, as approporiate. It is also proposed that UNECE/FAO monitor progress of the forest sector towards a green economy and prepares, as a part of its Integrated Programme of Work, a report on the Forest Sector in a Green Economy in the ECE region using existing information.

Deliverable Date
Long-term provision of Forest Ecosystem Services and policy development and monitoring of the forest sector in relation to a green economy 2020
Decent green jobs in the forest sector 2020
A low carbon forest sector 2020
Sustainable production and consumption of forest products 2020
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise UNECE/FAO secretariat staff
Other, please specify Implementation activities by governments and non-governments
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