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Promoting Regional Development .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
Promoting Regional Development
  • Topic: National Sustainable Development Strategies (NSDS)
  • Location: Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa. Core partners are located in all regions.
  • Date of completion: 2017
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  • Keywords: Regions and territories, green economy and poverty eradication, Integrated regional development (addressing social, environmental, economic and governance issues in a holistic manner), human security, territorial development and urban-rural linkages,social and territorial cohesion, equity, efficiency and sustainability, functional territorial systems, economies of scale, urban regions (metropolitan regions, city-regions, inter-city systems, city networks, biodiversity corridors, river basins), sustainable urban growth patterns, capacity building, territorial alliances (decentralized cooperation) for efficient service provision (water, sanitation, power generation, telecommunications, waste) and ecosystems management and competitiveness, regional governance, linking multi-scalar management.
Chikako Takase (MS), Director,

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Description/achievement of initiative

Major objective and activities of the UNCRD is to promote sustainable regional development and planning in developing countries. With partners/collaborators, UNCRD will support developing countries in achieving sustainable regional development:
-Sustainable regional development plans will be formulated in many developing countries;
Policies, plans, and strategies to promote sustainable regional development will be formulated and implemented;
-Forum of exchanging information will be developed;
-Awareness will be increased about main issues to be addressed for sustainable regional development, and cooperation attained among key stakeholders;
-Sustainable development will be achieved in many regions of developing countries;
-Local communities' resilience and empowerment promoted.

Implementation methodologies

UNCRD and collaborating partners, international organizations, bilateral/multi-lateral donors, including development banks, provides substantive support for developing countries by:

Providing advisory support and promoting cooperation to develop and implement sustainable regional plans and territorial integration, strengthening intergovernmental relations;

Raising awareness among stakeholders and establishing regional networking;

Providing substantive capacity building and technical support to developing countries through results-based training courses, workshops, seminars on relevant subjects to achieve sustainable regional development;

Organizing policy forums and facilitating policy dialogues.

Assisting in assessing, planning, managing and monitoring regional development, designing public policy and formulating projects.

Promoting sustainable territories through the on-going activities of UNCRD in areas such as integrated regional development and human security, EST, 3Rs, waste management, Shanghai Manual (Better city, better life), community-based disaster management (CBDM).

Promoting South-South cooperation, and information exchange.

Preparing regional and metropolitan plans that identify the opportunities and challenges of sub-national levels and suggest policy prescription to achieve sustainable regional development.

Preparing relevant training material and textbooks to support capacity development programmes.


United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD)
Regions United (ORU-FOGAR)
The Latin American Organization of Intermediate Governments (OLAGI)
The Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD)
The UNESCO Chair on Human Security and Regional Development
The International Urban Development Association of (INTA)
The Bogotá-Cundinamarca Region, Colombia
The Prefecture of Azuay, Ecuador
Deliverable Date
Efficient knowledge Platforms in operation and effective South-South cooperation attained 2017
Improved institutional capacity and commitment for sustainable regional development policy making, planning, management and monitoring, through sound capacity development activities 2017
Improved integrated regional territorial plans prepared and projects of sustainable development formulated 2017
Improved regional and territorial policy and strategy in the countries 2017
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
In-kind contribution UNCRD will pursue integrated regional territorial planning for sustainable development and human security by organizing policy forums at the national and international levels, conducting international and in-country training in LAC, Africa and other count
In-kind contribution Advisory services will be provided to interested regions to enhance capacity for sustainable regional development planning and human security, design and implement, assess, plan, manage and monitor regional development, design public policy and formulate
In-kind contribution A Knowledge Platform and partnership arrangements on integrated regional development management and governance of territorial alliances for capacity building in LAC, in close cooperation between UNCRD, with ORU-FOGAR, OLAGI, nrg4SD, the UNESCO Chair in Hu

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