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VHI - Africa Technical Research Centre (VHI-ATRC) .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
  • Submitted by: Sumitomo Chemical America
  • Topic: Education
  • Keywords: R&D, eaducation, training
  • Location: Tanzania
  • Date of completion: 2012
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Deliverables & Resources
Action network
  • This voluntary initiative came from Global Compact
VHI - Africa Technical Research Centre (VHI-ATRC)


A to Z Textile Mills Ltd. website A to Z textile Mills LTD
They are our 50/50 joint partners in the VHI (Vector Health International) venture that produces Olyset Nets in Arusha, Tanzania.

Description/achievement of initiative

A new African Technical Centre will be built with 3 main labs (Vector, Agronomy and Analytic). More than USD$1.5 million will be invested to build and staff this facility. Global research conducted.

Implementation methodologies

This facility will be complimentary to our fight against malaria activites, testing new active ingredients for efficacy and safety. This lab will be the (at least one of) largest of its type in East/Central Africa and allow intensive screening and a depth of research not availble elsewhere in Africa. This facility will also create opportunities for the establishment of “local experts”. We are hopeful that this lab can cooperate with other international research institutions. We have high expectations that this lab will contribute to the improvement of African agriculture and the control of harmful vectors.

Sumitomo Chemical will provide financial as well as technical support (staff and in kind).

Deliverable Date
Operational (rearing insects and screening) 2012
Facility completion and staffing. 2012
Type Details
Financing (in USD) $1,500,000
Copyright United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

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