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Water: for life and against disability. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
  • Submitted by: Interregional Union of Life Help for Mentally Handicapped Persons
  • Topic: Water and sanitation
  • Keywords: education of people, exchange of technologies, human right for safe water, public control
  • Location: Moscow, Vladivostok - RUSSIA
  • Date of completion: 2020-12-31
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Deliverables & Resources
Water: for life and against disability.


Interregional Union of Life Help for Mentally Handicapped Persons "Sail of Hope, RUSSIA

Description/achievement of initiative

Education of the population about properties of water
Inclusion of questions of protection of the environment in new educational standards
The responsibility of the state for health of the citizens: compliance with human rights to use safe and clean drinking water
The prevention of physical disability of newborns
Creation of Schools of Water
Decrease of hunger and poverty: introduction in agriculture innovations on water with objective of reduction of toxic influence on plants and increase of productivity
Participation of non-profit organizations in discussion and decision-making in the field of protection and use of water resources

Implementation methodologies

Participation of non-profit associations in the decision of problems in the field of preservation of the environment and maintenance of an ecological security
Consolidation of social oriented NGOs of Russia, the European-Asia cooperation, cooperation with TV, Mass-Media
Organization of Internet-conference on importance of water resources for sustainable development, including poverty and hunger eradication, public health, food security, hydropower, agriculture and rural development.
Monitoring of knowledge in the field of properties and use of water for health and preventive measures of invalidization of the population
Carrying out a cycle of seminars, lectures on importance of water policy reforms
Creation of Schools of Water and realization of educational programs
Work with the interested scientific structures, prosecuting subjects of fertilizer and stimulations growth and productivity of plants by means of innovative water technologies
Propaganda of the advanced Russian researches in the field of water
Development of public control over wastewater management, including reducing water pollution Development of international cooperation in the decision of global environmental problems, the international information exchange and participation in the international projects on water
Activities to promote universal coverage of water supply and sanitation services and disability problems must be a central developmental goals in the post-2015 period.

Deliverable Date
Creation of Schools of Water 2013-05-01
Plan of Actions 2014-05-01
Type Details
In-kind contribution in-kind contribution of business, grants from Government
Copyright United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

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