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$50 billion, 10 year, Environmental Business Initiative .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
$50 billion, 10 year, Environmental Business Initiative
, Global Environmental Executive,

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Action Network
  • This voluntary initiative came from Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All)

Description/achievement of initiative

Bank of America has set a goal to commit $50 billion over ten years to finance Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Energy Access and other actitives that advance the low-carbon economy.

Implementation methodologies

By mobilize financial resources to support energy efficiency, For further detailed information. Please refer to the deliverables.


Bank of America
Deliverable Date
Based on historical performance, this would equate to approximately $35 billion in SE4All's focus areas of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Energy Access. 2022
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Financing (in USD) $50,000,000,000

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