Statements & Presentations
Open Working Group Informal meeting on measuring progress

Number of statements/presentations: 11

Session 1 - Lessons learned from the monitoring of the MDGs and Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs)
Learning from National MDG Reports
Shantanu Mukherjee (UNDP, MDG Team)
Monitoring and Assessing Sustainable Development - The Swiss Experience
François Baumgartner (Swiss Federal Statistical Office)
Session 2 - Review of existing proposals and their statistical requirements
A statistical framework for measuring sustainable development - Relevance for SDGs and post-2015 design?
Rutger Hoekstra (Statistics Netherlands), Chair of the UNECE/Eurostat/OECD Task Force on Measuring Sustainable Development
Examining data needs - perspectives and assessments
Peter Harper (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
Session 3 - Roadmap for measurement
Roadmap for a monitoring framework for the post-2015 development agenda
Gabriella Vukovich (Hungarian Central Statistical Office), Chair of the Statistical Commission
United Nations