High-level Launching Event for the Publication of ?Practices in the Sound Management of Chemicals?
12 May 2010
New York, USA
The event is organized by the DSD/DESA, the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention, and the UNEP Chemicals Branch. It will take place during the high-level segment of the CSD-18 on Wednesday, 12 May.
Statements & Presentations

Number of statements/presentations: 4

Presentation: ICCA Case Study
The Responsible Care Global Charter (RCGC) and the Global Product Strategy (GPS) in Action Sound Chemicals Management is a Global Responsibility
by Martin Kayser, ICCA Chemical Policy and Health Co-Chair
Presentation: Multiple Challenges; Multiple Solutions
by Kaj Madsen, Chemicals Branch, DTIE, UNEP
Presentation: Practical Approach in Chemicals Legislation - Japan's Experience
by Kazu TAKEMOTO, Vice-Minister for Global Environment Affairs, JAPAN
United Nations