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Second Workshop on The Trade Dimension of Rio+20: Key Issues for the Outcome Document
16 Mar 2012
New York

To build negotiators' awareness and knowledge on the trade dimension of Rio+20, UNCTAD, UNDESA and ECLAC organized a 19 January 2012 workshop to inform New York delegations on a wide range of issues at the interface of trade, the green economy and sustainable development. The workshop served as a primer introducing and reviewing trade and green economy issues and illustrating how trade and the green economy can contribute to sustainable development. It also reviewed selected trade-related elements of the Rio+20 compilation document and discussed their implications.

Based on requests of several delegations for a deeper examination of the main issues which will be addressed by the Rio+20 outcome document, this 2nd follow-up workshop is being convened. Through a focus on real world examples, the full-day workshop aims to improve delegates' appreciation of the complex nature of trade and green economy policies, ways to enhance their mutual supportiveness, prevent their use for protectionist purposes, and manage the undesirable impacts green policies may have on trade and vice-versa. Additionally, the workshop will review trade-related elements, both included and absent, in the draft Rio+20 negotiating text and examine potential implications. The workshop is intended as an avenue to have an informal dialogue and exchange of views on trade issues for Rio+20, and to provide a frank, candid and open dialogue, and does not have negotiating nature.

The meeting is open to all permanent missions and permanent observer missions.